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We Found 1110 Resources For You.. ((TOP))

The schedule of classes is maintained by the Office of the University Registrar. Current and future academic terms are updated daily. Additional detail on Cornell University's diverse academic programs and resources can be found in the Courses of Study. Visit The Cornell Store for textbook information.

We found 1110 resources for you..

"Scott Horty and his team at Camden Real Estate Company found us a spectacular one-of-a-kind property, one that we would never have found without their unique local knowledge. Once we found our magic property, they were equally essential in helping us understand the market, and the resources that were available to us - everything from snow removal to architects, contractors, dock inspection - you name it, their resources were invaluable to us, and continue to be." - Drew H. and Peter K

Many recent and relevant government reports in Canada can be found through the library's Quick Topic Search. However, as with many other kinds of resources, the Quick Topic Search will return many different kinds of resources. While we have some government documents available in print in the Langara Library, most is available for free online. We also have an online, interactive demographics database that will allow you to find very detailed Canadian demographic information.

English 2120 is an intermediate writing course designed for students who have passed 1110 or 1110X/1110Y, and 1120, and who wish to improve their writing skills to meet the demands of academic writing across the disciplines; Course readings and assignments should provide students with opportunities to study and practice various rhetorical forms, and teach students the rhetorical foundations necessary for adapting writing to any situation. 041b061a72

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