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Shadow Fight Heroes V3.2 [Mod] [Latest]

Murder, treachery, resurrection, savage battles and ultimately-freedom!When Erathia's King Gryphonheart is murdered by traitors he is resurrected as an undead warlord who leads a ruthless invasion of his former Kingdom. Little resistance is met until his daughter Catherine, Queen of Enroth, returns to her homeland commanding an army of elite Enrothian warriors. Meanwhile the Necromancers raise large hordes of undead and advance towards the Erathian capitol. Queen Catherine receives the aid of her father's survived generals and embarks on a crusade to reclaim her lost land.You control the greatest heroes and fiercest creatures in a conflict of epic proportions, as Cathereine fights to restore her family's rightful reign, uncover her father's killers and free him from the dark prison of his undead body!

Shadow Fight Heroes V3.2 [Mod] [Latest]

In the first battle, put Hadhod to sleep with the Orc Chieftain and the rest of the battle will progress fairly smoothly. In the second battle, attack Elegost first so that your ranged fighters can't be hurt. Grima can steal all of the heroes AP, so do that to ensure victory in this battle. The final battle pits you as Sharku against the team. If Sharku loses all of his HP, the battle will end, so watch out. Attack Eaomer first or else he will drain all of your health away.

Initiators are heroes who can safely start a team fight. These heroes typically have a strong area of effect or special skill to affect the positioning of the enemy team. Usually there is an attempt to quickly eliminate the enemy carry to lure the enemy team, which then initiates a large scale battle. Their abilities often have long cooldowns which are best saved for these large confrontations.

Escape heroes are equipped with one or more escape mechanisms which allow them (and sometimes their allies) to avoid damage while retreating or repositioning themselves during a team fight. Escape mechanisms include movement speed buffs, invisibility, teleportation, and evasion. This is extremely useful for glass cannon heroes who have low hp and deal high damage, because it forces the enemy to change their play style to counter such high mobility.

V2.8 UpdatesBooo! HALLOWEEN is here!- Go trick-or-treating with a... cow? While a scary shadow beast is on the loose? Sounds like adventure! Find out what happens in the 16 Event Story Quests!- All 4 winners of the most recent Design a Castle Cat fan contest are available for recruitment for the duration of the event.- Both new and old[sic] Guild leader items and Alchemy heroes are available for purchase with the Event Materials, so start gathering now!//the Developaws

V1.6.5 Updates [*]The community-created heroes are here!- 4 new Heroes have been added to the Alchemy Station, including Catania's second legendary hero - Nicole, the Crystal Mage.- Whispers on the street say that old Event Heroes are visiting the guilds of Catania. Be on the lookout and maybe you can recruit one!- More Main Story Quests have also been added - keep fighting the Evil Pugomancer!//the Developaws

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Download (MOD Money/Gems/Energy) is a new and updated version of the popular shadow fighting game series with great new features. Where you can complete the exciting series with the wonderful third part, which differs from the rest of the parts in terms of graphics, colors, and effects. As you will enjoy more new training missions to train characters for battles.

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