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[S1E8] The Strangled Heart

Wayne Ray pulls into a parking lot where Fiona is reclining on the hood of Michael's Charger. He demands to know what she wants. She tells him that since he's reported her for aiding and abetting, she's having trouble getting work. She hands over a presumably cuffed Thomas, asking if Ray would be willing to split the bounty. He grabs Thomas, telling Fiona not to expect his check. He asks her why she turned McKee in. Fiona replies that Thomas had offered to pay them off, but his check had bounced. Wayne Ray sarcastically tells Fiona that she is all heart. Fiona watches as Ray calls his boss, enjoying the look on the huge man's face when he hears that Thomas McKee is no longer a wanted man. Thomas laughs as well, pulling his hands apart to show that he was never cuffed, Fiona had put one flexi-cuff around each wrist, and he'd merely held them together to complete Ray's humiliation.

[S1E8] The Strangled Heart

We were leaving Texas, entering the Indian territory and redefining our meaning of unknown. Far from the cities that have paved the world away, and the farms which had turned it into a resource. We were no longer under the cloud of civilization. Only sky above us now. No more walking over bridges. Out here, we swim horseback through rivers. There is nowhere to chain love to vows and ceremony. Out here, love burns through you like a fever. And when the devil comes to strip that love from you, there is no funeral or song or speeches that dull our senses and deaden our hearts. Out here, you turn towards the pain as it tears into you. And you let it. When you do, the devil gets bored. He sees another soul to eat.

Mira is sent to help tend to Spartacus' wounds from his fight with Varro, Batiatus believing there to be affection between the two of them and thus she may be able to help him heal. When Spartacus awakens, he finds a relieved Mira standing over him telling him everything was alright himself. Spartacus looks around and notices he is laying beside the man who brought his wife back. Burning with the need to know what really happened to his wife, he asks Mira to unstrap him and keep a watch on the door while he interrogates the man. Mira does this obligingly, and after Spartacus has strangled the man to death, she straps him back onto his bed and lies about what caused his death.

In the days following Ilithyia release, Mira notices a difference in Spartacus; he no longer sleeps beside her and he only speaks to her to give commands. Spartacus let's it slip that the relationship is over because Mira tried to kill Ilithyia for the wrong reasons, but Mira says she only wished for more of his heart. Spartacus replies that he gave her what was left of his heart. She says it wasn't enough, to which Spartacus agrees.

Trunkperson (on TV): Hi, I'm a trunk person. And I want I-I feel love in my heart, too, just like you. I want to be able to express that love, with both a man and a woman. And I won't be able to if Denny and The Denny Singers get their way. 041b061a72

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