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Pacific Reveries Torrent

Now under the path of the wind, she disentangled herself from her gear and raced toward the control panel. With a few quick sweeps of her hand and taps of her fingers the system was disconnected from the Cloud. The ventilation system sighed, and the torrent of wind became a gentle breeze.

Pacific Reveries Torrent

The Carnochan Collections contain a number of wonderfulexamples of the mourning picture genre, including a superb, rare eighteenth-centurymourning picture of Joseph Robeshow. The mourning picture expressed nineteenth-centuryAmerican taste for the Neo-classical, as popularized in England by RobertAdam, Angelica Kauffmann, and Josiah Wedgewood. As early as 1782, printsof scenes such as "Fame Decorating the Tomb of Shakespeare" werecirculating widely in the U. S. When George Washington died in 1799, a torrentof mourning pictures modeled on the English formula was unleashed. The enormouspopularity of mourning scenes also partook of the rising tide of Romanticism,in which a preoccupation with death (as in Goethe's Sorrows of YoungWerther, itself a key inspiration for mourning scenes) mingled witha belief in the immortality of the soul. Female citizens of the new Republictook up the format to commemorate the parting of loved ones, and in a fewremarkable cases, to anticipate their own demise. Certain stock featuresdeveloped -- weeping willows, funeral urns, statuesque grieving relatives-- and were often employed by schoolgirls learning the craft in their localseminaries.

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