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Istoria Europei Vol. IV ##VERIFIED##

Defining, for the purposes of this paper, modern Latin American history as the period following 1830, and the Bolivarian nations as Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru, the spectrum of research opportunities is very broad. As is well known, the modern period is the step-child, in respect to historical interest and production, of the colonial, in most of Latin America. In the Bolivarian nations, this tendency is made worse by the exaggerated devotion of historians there to the independence struggle, notably in Colombia and Venezuela.

Istoria Europei vol. IV

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On December 28, 1961, the Academy of American Franciscan History presented the Serra Award of the Americas to Marcel Bataillon, Administrateur of the Collège de France, at a ceremony in the Academy building witnessed by about thirty-five guests, most of whom were Latin American historians. The occasion was dedicated to honoring one of the legendary figures in Latin American historical scholarship and Dr. Arturo Morales Carrion, formerly of the University of Puerto Rico and now Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, spoke briefly on behalf of historians in the field. Americo Castro, Professor Emeritus of Princeton University, spoke brilliantly of Bataillon, the humanist. In his reply, Professor Bataillon discussed with wit and great understanding a topic of special interest to him: the chroniclers of and the actors in the Pizarro Civil Wars.

On the next page begins "De historia et ea concernentibus collecta perascensium;" and in the blanks round the heading of this page is one ofthe autographs of the unfortunate queen, in her large bold hand,

FACTS AND SPECULATIONS ON THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF PLAYING CARDS. By W.A. CHATTO, Author of "Jackson's History of Wood Engraving," is onehandsome vol. 8vo. illustrated with many Engravings, both plain andcoloured, cloth 1l. 1s. 041b061a72

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