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Shin Chan Tagalog Dubbed 25

The beginning of the third quarter starts with Midorima passing the ball to Takao, which then leads into getting the ball returned back and scoring a 3 pointer, Koganei also wonders if he saw Midorima actually smile. When Midorima is again handed to ball, he goes for a shot, with an attempt by Kagami to jump which he wasn't able to, Midorima makes another shot in. Midorima notes that Kagami has already reached his limit. Seirin notes that Midorima has changed, and Takao says no one can hate him and that he smiles at time to time when he plays. Kuroko is subbed back in and Midorima suspects that he has something up his sleeve. Kuroko then goes one-on-one with Midorima, in which Midorima questions this, saying that Kuroko's Misdirection doesn't work when he holds the ball. Midorima is then surprised by Kuroko's Vanishing Drive not knowing what happened and being unable to stop it. Seirin then ties the score at 76-76.

shin chan tagalog dubbed 25

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Many characters had their names changed to American-sounding ones, the original background music was completely replaced with new background music, and scenes with nudity were edited to remove any signs of indecent exposure. Most adult jokes were re-made into family-friendly jokes, and the profanity was edited out. However, the frequent appearance of Shinnosuke's naked buttocks, as well as humor relating to breast-size and sexual themes, remained in the finished product. Some episodes that displayed adult material and mature content were not dubbed at all. Additionally, the episodes were dubbed out of their original order which created continuity errors. For example, episode 29 shows Shin bringing his classmates to visit his newborn sister, episode 30 shows his sister coming home from her birth in the hospital and in episode 52 it was revealed that Shin was going to have a sister.

Funimation's version features a Texas-based cast of voice actors. Funimation's dub takes many liberties with the source material and was heavily Americanized. Similar to the Vitello dub, episodes of the series were dubbed out of their original order, and segments were reordered. Additionally, many characters had their names changed to American-sounding ones. Many sexual references, dark humor, and references to current popular American culture were added. For example, in one scene, Ai and Penny argue over which one of them is Jessica Simpson (whose first album was not released until 1999) and which one is Ashlee Simpson (whose first album was not released until 2004), which is very different from the original Japanese script that dealt with many social issues within Japan at the time. At least two episodes reference Rudy Giuliani and his unsuccessful bid for president.

In Hong Kong, the anime was first aired dubbed in Cantonese on ATV Home and in Mandarin on STAR Chinese Channel in the 1990s and was very popular.[42] Films are still occasionally shown in cinemas today, followed by subsequent DVD releases. The manga is published by Tong Li Publishing (Hong Kong), entitled "蠟筆小新" (literally Crayon Shin-chan).[43]

The manga was published in French by J'ai lu for the first time on May 15, 2005, the fifteenth and final volume of the French publisher was published on August 13, 2006.[46] Casterman continued the publishing of the manga, this time bimonthly, on 11 March 2008 from Volume 16 under the title Crayon Shin-chan Season 2.[46] Casterman published under its label Sakka 23 volumes of the "second season" (Japanese volumes 16 to 38) until October 2012 before suspending the release of 12 remaining volumes.[47]

In Indonesia, Crayon Shin-chan comic books was first published by PT Indorestu Pacific in 2000.[60] Later, Elex Media Komputindo reprinted and published the series in 2012.[61] The Indonesian dubbed version of Crayon Shin-chan anime was broadcast by RCTI.

In Poland, Shin-chan was aired by Fox Kids (later Jetix) for the first time on April 13, 2003 at 23.40.[75][76][77] Despite the late hour air time, the series gained a large audience. The Polish dub was produced by STUDIO EUROCOM and was a translation of the Vitello dub.[78] 24 of the 52 Vitello dub episodes were dubbed in Polish and aired. In 2005, the show disappeared for half a year, it came back but the number of episodes in one episode decreased from three to two and then one. It is currently broadcast since April 8, 2019 on Fox Comedy in voiced-over version.

The series first aired on SIC in 2003 in Portuguese dub based on the Vitello and Phuuz dubs. The uncensored LUK Internacional version started airing in Portugal on Animax in October 2009 with a different Portuguese dub, and continued airing on the channel until its closure in May 2011.[79] The Animax dub resumed broadcasting on Biggs in June 2013 in blocks of 26 episodes and then in blocks of 52.[80] Due to a controversy of one of the episodes of the anime series from parents and educators, the series was moved to a late night programming[81] and then dropped in December 2016.After 4 years of hiatus, the series returned on Fox Comedy in June 2021[82] with a dubbed version every morning, which is the Animax dub, and an original Japanese version with Portuguese subtitles every afternoon.[83]

In South Korea, the show and comics, titled 짱구는 못말려 (Jjanggu the Unhelpable), are also tremendously popular.[84] Shin-chan's name is changed into "Shin Jjanggu" (新짱구), which is coined by his original Japanese name and the Korean word "jjanggu" (짱구) for "protruding forehead." In Korea, the animated version is strongly censored compared to the original Japanese version. 12 segments of the anime were dubbed in English in South Korea and released on learn English VCDs and DVDs.[85][86]

In Vietnam, the series' first 6 volumes of the manga were released in July and August 2006. However, it received negative reactions from Vietnamese media due to impertinent and sexual content.[90] Even VTV criticized the series on its main news program. Due to intense public pressure, Kim Dong publisher stopped releasing the series.[91] In December 2011, Kim Dong re-published the series with careful editing and age restriction.[92] The anime has also been dubbed into Vietnamese and has been shown on various Vietnamese TV channels.

According to available guidelines, the diagnosis of Legionella pneumophila is confirmed by urinary antigen detection, change in antibody titers (with a 4-fold increase at 2 to 5 weeks) and immunofluorescent staining of the organism in the pleural fluid, sputum or bronchial washings. Available guidelines provide no specific indication for PCR testing in the diagnosis of L. pneumophila. To date, clinical experience has not shown PCR to be more sensitive than culture, and therefore the CDC does not recommend the routine use of PCR for the detection of Legionella in clinical samples. Guidelines from the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Thoracic Society do not include recommendations for PCR testing for Legionella (Mandell et al, 2007).

She takes care of her household; tends to her husband and child when they're sick; rides Shin-chan to school when he misses the bus (which is most of the time); takes an umbrella out to her husband when it's raining; cleans, shops, and otherwise works like a dog. In the morning she struggles to get Shin-chan in time for the school bus, so usually she ends up riding him on a bicycle. This motivated her to learn to drive, but she tends to scratch the car when she parks it and have small accidents, although this is usually because her child distracts her on purpose. Misae tends to bring Shin-chan just about everywhere, probably because leaving him home alone usually results in some sort of household catastrophe. However, excursions with mom just mean ample opportunities to be embarrassed (and Shin-chan usually requests compensation in the form of action figures or Chocobi snacks). Occasionally, she tries playing pretend or acting in a fun-kid sort of way to get Shin-chan to be a bit more enthusiastic - for example, when the Noharas went fishing, Misae started talking excitedly (for Shin-chan's benefit) about the possibility of catching mermaids and being led to their secret castles. "Geez, mom," Shin-chan replied with a snort, "act your age".

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