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Gastrow started his current YouTube channel, videogamedunkey, in 2010, with a video of him performing a speedrun of the 1991 game Battletoads.[5] Gastrow recalled that the name "videogamedunkey" came about when he was playing Left 4 Dead with a friend. He "told him to pet a donkey or something," and after trapping his friend in the game, told him he would release him if he said "go go magic dunk".[4] In a 2015 Reddit thread, Gastrow mentioned that his channel's profile picture was designed by Newgrounds animator and YouTuber Chris O'Neill.[6] By September 2015, the videogamedunkey channel had 1.8 million subscribers.[7] Gastrow's videos have collectively generated over three billion views.[2] Outside of YouTube, Gastrow is active on Twitter[8] and has pages on Facebook and Reddit. He and his wife Leah also run Dunkey's Castle, an online merchandise shop.[4]

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Gastrow primarily covers video games on his channel. This includes posting reviews, playthroughs, video essays, and montages.[2][4] He has also reviewed films, such as The Shining.[4] During his channel's initial years, Gastrow was primarily known for his coverage of the 2009 multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. According to Yannick LeJacq of Kotaku, Gastrow "had a special place in the League of Legends universe for consistently producing some of the best, and definitely the funniest, material in the game's massive community".[9] However, he quit making League videos in September 2015, after he was banned for "toxic" behavior, such as repeatedly insulting other players on his team in the in-game chat.[7] Gastrow is also known for popularizing jokes about Knack (2013) and its sequel Knack II (2017), titles for the PlayStation 4, to the point that the games "became the internet's favorite punchline".[10] 350c69d7ab

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