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The Carson Digital USB Microscope 86-457x with Recorder is a powerful microscope for Mac, laptop and PC, allowing you to view and store the finest details in real time. The microscope is an extremely handy accessory for anyone who wants to be able to view the finest details on a large scale and want to capture images of them. The microscope is suitable for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP SP2+ and all Mac OS (USB 2.0/3.0 port required).


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With this microscope you can view all your observations live on the screen of your PC, laptop or Mac. The device offers a 1600x1200 resolution. The microscope also has a photo and video recorder, with which you can record all your observations in images and can look back later. The standard 86x magnification can be increased up to 457x by means of an effective digital zoom. In addition, you can use a manual focus function. To illuminate the specimens optimally, the digital microscope is equipped with built-in LED lighting.

The zPix 300 MM-940 from Carson is a powerful 2 megapixel zoom USB digital microscope that displays a magnified image right on your computer screen.The impressive 86x-457x power zoom magnification allows you to see details of ordinary objects that you never knew existed!Capture an image to keep with the click of a button. You can even capture close focus video and send it to your friends and family. Use the base attachment to view prepared slides or remove the base and place the microscope on any surface to reveal extremely fine details.The zPix 300 USB digital microscope will provide hours of fascinating and educational entertainment for adults and children alike. The zPix 300 MM-940 Zoom Digital Microscope is compatible with the following:

The Saxon 9-inch LCD Digital Stereo Microscope adds a new dimension of convenience and versatility with a gorgeous, 9-inch LCD display. Designed to reduce eye fatigue and with a magnification range of 11x to 457x, this microscope is perfect for teaching and demonstrations. Ideal for applications when the specimen needs to be actively manipulated (fields such as dissections and circuitry work). 041b061a72

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